2011 news

October 2011
Quilt-a-Thon format to change

The format of the Quilt-a-Thon will be changing this year. Rather than one large get-together, we will instead hold Quilt-Till-You-Wilts, which is similar to a mini-Quilt-a-Thon.

The Quilt-a-Thons of years past were very labour-intensive to plan, organize, set up and prepare for. And it seemed to be the same small core group of people who were tasked with the job.

The Quilt-Till-You-Wilt is easier to organize, mainly because it is a smaller venue, and because each is hosted by a different Friends' Group. It is usually held in the same location where the Friends' Group meets, so the physical requirements of, for instance, having enough electrical outlets, is usually not a problem, nor is setting up and taking down tables and chairs, etc.

The Quilt-Till-You-Wilt still unites people to work together to achieve our goal of making as many quilts as we can in the one day. But at the same time, it does not overburden the volunteers who had consistently taken on the monumental task of planning and organizing the Quilt-a-Thons of years past. And, given the phenomenally positive response that we have received to our Youth Programme, we will begin holding the Quilt-Till-You-Wilts in the new year.

We recognize that some people cannot attend a Quilt-Till-You-Wilt during the week, and we plan to hold one during the winter on a Saturday. Additional information will be posted on our website once we have a location secured, so please check back.

June 2011
Annual Rabbi Bulka fundraiser deemed a resounding success

We are thrilled that almost $5,000 was raised during Rabbi Bulka's radio telethon on May 15. This means another 150 people will receive quilts they may otherwise not have received.

Listeners heard about the work of Victoria's Quilts Canada from a number of perspectives: from quilt deliverers, youth program representatives, and from people who perform a myriad of administrative functions in the organization. They spoke of the positive effects of contributing to their communities' well-being, and the sense of gratitude they experienced.

Victoria's Quilts Canada greatly appreciates Rabbi Bulka's participation in the fundraiser. As well, we would like to thank the Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa for their assistance and for the use of their facility. Rabbi Bulka's radio program, Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka, airs from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. on 580 CFRA.

January 2011
News of our newest Branches!

We are very pleased to welcome a new Branch to the VQC family, in Waterloo/Wellington. The Branch, with the tag line “Because we care” may just be getting off the ground, but they already have quilts ready to go in their cupboard. The branch is looking forward to tapping into the enormous quilting community in the area to supply the quilts they will be delivering. The Waterloo/Wellington Branch can be reached at Waterloo@victoriasquiltscanada.com.

Across the country, our first Branch in British Columbia, formerly called the Sunshine Coast Branch, has relocated to Victoria, British Columbia. The new Victoria, BC Branch is being led by co-chairs Chris Magel and Elaine Crossley. They can be reached at Victoria@victoriasquiltscanada.com . With more Branches being opened in communities across Canada, the number of quilts made and distributed within that community will also increase. And the funds that would have been spent on mailing the quilts from the National Office or another Branch can be redirected into producing more quilts.

Congratulations, and welcome, to Waterloo/Wellington, our 27th branch! And Victoria Branch, keep up the good work!

Updated: May 22, 2015