Start or join a Branch in your Community

A Victoria's Quilts Canada (VQC) Branch is a group from a defined geographical area that is established to make and distribute quilts within their own community. Their quilts are also sometimes distributed to other communities in support of the National program. A Branch administers its own affairs in accordance with VQC policies and procedures.

VQC has 25 Branches across Canada, plus 18 Friends Groups in the Ottawa area. Feel free to contact and join a Branch in your area using the links below. If there is no group in your area, and you would like to start one, please contact our Branch Coordinator or phone (613) 843-9212.

Branches across Canada

To contact a Branch, click on its name:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



* For information on Ottawa and its 18 Friends Groups, see Start or join a Group in Ottawa.

Updated: January 23, 2023